With Model Citizen, Forster and Abner make energetic wines that captivate a sense of place and inspire memorable evenings, friendship, and adventure.

2022 Santa Cruz Pinot Noir

$ 46.00 USD

We’re thrilled to release our 2022 Pinot Noir. Sourced from the Rio Del Mar vineyard, an 11 acre site that sits 800 yards from the Pacific Ocean, our ’22 Pinot exemplifies the finest qualities that Santa Cruz Pinot Noir has to offer. The proximity to the coast allows for a slow and even ripening process, which contributes to excellent flavor development on the vine. In total, we produced 4 barrels that underwent a fermentation using naturally occurring yeast, preserving the delicate intricacies of the vineyard site. The wine spent 11 months aging in neutral French oak barrels that introduced a touch of richness and weight to the palette. Generous offerings of red fruit make their presence known on the nose, balanced out with ample structure that retains a gentle tannin profile and lingering finish.

Fresh Red Plum
Cherry Cola

Pinot Noir Pet-Nat

$ 34.00 USD

Our Pet-Nat of Pinot Noir was harvested August 9th 2021 outside of Placerville, California. Above average summer temperatures called for an early harvest date, allowing us to work with Pinot Noir that showcased exceptional acidity, and riper fruit characteristics than sugar levels would suggest. The grapes saw a light foot tread and were pressed 10 hours after they were picked, resulting in a wine with a pink and orange hue. A 19 day fermentation at 61 degrees allowed for a controlled and slow fermentation before the wine was bottled at .8 brix to finish its primary fermentation in bottle. The wine was disgorged in the early summer of ’22 and expresses a feisty and exciting fruit profile, with a refined and dry finish. Noticeable bubbles remind the consumer that this wine is alive and active. Our Pet-Nat of Pinot Noir pairs wonderfully with summer salads, seafood dishes, or a charcuterie board at the start of an evening.

Orange Blossoms
Fresh picked strawberries
MacIntosh Apples
Baking spices
Dry finish

Valdiguié Pet-Nat

$ 34.00 USD

Our Pet-Nat of Valdiguié was harvested in the early morning hours of August 22nd, 2021 from the historic French Camp vineyard outside of Paso Robles California. The fruit was picked at 22 brix, showcasing vibrant acidity and bright fruit characteristics right off the cuff. The grapes were de-stemmed and went through a 36 hour maceration to extract an energetic shade of pink and pretty texture from the skins. Upon press, the juice went through a 12 day, temperature controlled fermentation to preserve delicate aromatics. The wine was bottled September 5th at 1.2 brix, finishing its primary fermentation in bottle using the reliably unpredictable Méthode Ancestrale. Upon disgorging the wine in the early summer of ’22 we discovered our Pet-Nat of Valdiguié to showcase candied fruit characteristics, a light pink mousse and a supple finish with an integrated tannin profile. A light effervescence makes this a perfect beverage to enjoy in the park on a summer afternoon, or after a long day spent recreating in the mountains.

Candied Fruit
Electric Pink lemonade
Light effervescence